Since March 2016, the Tampa Bay Heroes program has generated approximately $21,000 in donations to local charities such as Florida Special Olympics, The Suncoast Police Benevolent Association, The Veterans of South Pinellas County, Inc., Southeastern Guide Dogs, The Fisher House at Bay Pines, The Alpha House and The Claybaker Dustoff Foundation among several others.

Remember that you will also receive 20% of our commission at closing to help you pay for your closing costs. During the first year of Tampa Bay Heroes our clients have directly saved over $100,000. Our clients received those savings as a direct decrease in the amount they pay at closing.

Want to know more information now? Click the link below or continue to read for ways Our Service, Savings and Charitable benefits can assist you and your community whenever you buy, sell or invest in Real Estate.

How do you get your savings?

Our clients save $1000s every time they buy, sell and invest in real estate and this is how:

  • You received 20% of our earned commission
  • We help you receive deeply discounted lender fees
  • Even our trusted home inspectors discounts their standard fees
  • Lastly, when selling a home, you receive discounted title fees

These discounts add up. On a $200,000 purchase, you can save around $2,800 with Tampa Bay Heroes and your business enables us to give approximately $300 to a local charity of you choice. If the price goes up, the savings and the donation do as well! There are no limits as to how much you can save!

Your Charitable Donation

Each time you utilize Tampa Bay Heroes, you are helping a local charity of your choice. These charities support our local community and the impact we can have together is profound! Every charity we’ve supported thus far and every person who’s received direct benefit from your participation thanks you for considering Tampa Bay Heroes as your one and only source for Real Estate services in the greater Tampa Bay area from this point on!

Tampa Bay Heroes keeps everything we do local! Our program is different in that every client gets to donate, every client saves $1000s and the people of Tampa Bay give us the power to make our community and our charities stronger every day. Let’s work together to help you achieve your goals while making the community part of our life’s plan. Please call us today to schedule your 100% free buying/selling consultation.

Fast Facts:

  • Every client receives 5% of our commission to donate to a local charity they select.
  • Heroes on average save over $2000
  • These savings come from the agent’s commission
  • Other savings comes from:
    • ‚ÄčLender Discounts
    • Inspection Fee Discounts
    • Title Fee Discounts
    • Cheapest Home Owners Insurance underwritten by the same companies that charge $100s if not $1000s more!

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We all come in contact with heroes in our community every day. If you know someone who might benefit from the savings offered by the Tampa Bay Heroes program, help us say thanks with your referral. And remember – every time any client uses this program, a donation goes to the a charity of their choice to support our local community.